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Powering hope,
restoring light.

"In the aftermath of a devastating tornado, VES was grateful for the opportunity to extend a helping hand to those in need. As an electrician, witnessing the impact of my work on the lives of the affected customers was incredibly humbling. Beyond the technical aspects of restoring power, I became a part of their journey towards recovery. It was heartwarming to see the relief and gratitude in their eyes as the lights flickered back on, symbolizing not just restored electricity but a renewed sense of hope. In those moments, I realized the profound connection between my skills and the well-being of the community. Being able to contribute to their recovery was not just a job; it was a privilege and a testament to the resilience that surfaces in the face of adversity." - Jose Villasenor

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January 2024

Jose spent a week in Guatemala on a mission trip for Engadi Ministries along with 30 other men from The Avenue Church. 


February 2024

Jose and Samantha were honored to walk along side our buddies at the annual Night To Shine Waxahachie.

Thank you The Avenue Church for hosting such an awesome event.




Forever in our hearts. 

Forever VES.

need a hand, call ves.

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